Powerfix Classes are smart training designed to help you prepare for your goals

Powerfix Classes

Our classes are designed with you in mind. You participate in each class based off of your personal fitness threshold, whatever that level may be.

Our Classes are more than just another group training session:

  • Classes are lead by professional coaches certified by USA Cycling.
  • We target specific training zones. This means that that the purpose of class is not to just make you sweat in a room, but to rather target the energy systems you will need to develop to achieve your goals.
  • Small class sizes so you get personalized attention and our coaches are available to answer all of your questions and make adjustments to the workout to fit your needs.
  • Urban settings and busy life schedules make it hard to find time for focused training. Our studio is a safe and supportive space where you can focus on your training and not worry about traffic, or daylight constraints.

Powerfix classes are a smart training tool that will enhance your fitness and help you achieve your goals.

Powerfix Cycling

Ride your own bike on our trainer platform to complete your focused training. Your bike will be stabilized via a smart bike trainer. You follow a workout lead by an experienced professional coach thatis designed for you to complete at your own fitness level.

Elite Powerfix Class

Are you ready for the next step up in your training? Try a powerfix class on our cycling rollers platform. You ride your own bike on top of rollers. The bike is not held in place, so you need to engage your stability muscles to keep upright.

Powerfix Run

Participate in a powerfix class using a Stryd powermeter and run on our treadmills. We have both motorized and self propelled Woodway treadmills. This is a challenging and fun way to get your focused training in.

Functional Core Training

Our Approach to core training is simple: focus on developing and reinforcing functional movement patterns enabling you to move better and become stronger. If we build a good base, your performance in your specific sports will improve.

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Train Smarter with Powerfix Classes

We want to help you get the smart training you need to prepare for your next event, race, and for your pure enjoyment of your sport.

Reach Your Highest Potential

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Pat Riley - NBA Player and Coach