Powerfix Classes

Our classes are designed with you in mind. You participate in each class based off of your personal fitness threshold, whatever that level may be.

Powerfix Cycling

Workout on your own bike hooked to our computrainers. Our goal is to optimize your training and fitness while making you a more efficient cyclist.

Elite Powerfix Class

This class is for more advanced cyclists. Riders use their own bikes and ride on top of rollers. Rollers help maximize indoor training by allowing cyclists to engage their stability muscles and work on balance during the workout.

Power Run

Our Power Run Class is a structured interval workout based off of wattage and pace designed to help you maximize you time training on the treadmill.

Functional Core Class

This class combines mobility and strength exercises to correct body imbalances using bands, body weight, and TRX to help move more efficiently.

Reach Your Highest Potential

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Pat Riley - NBA Player and Coach