Every bike rolls better on a great set of wheels. One of our specialties at Service Course MPLS is building superior custom wheels. Not everyone rides their bike the same way, nor does everyone enjoy riding on the same types of terrain or in the same kind of events. Moreover people come in all shapes and sizes. You as a person, your riding style, and the types of road/trail that you like to ride are all important when it comes to making a new wheel set purchase and our custom wheel builds can ensure you get a product that will live up to your original intent.

Not only do our custom wheel builds focus on you, the rider, but we also strive to build wheels that are aesthetically beautiful and will match your bike, or contrast your bike, or look however you want them to. There is almost endless possibility to the extent of personalization a set of wheels can have, so if you have a dream in mind tell us about it and we can build it for you.