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Recovery Services and Sports Massage

Your workout is only part of your training, the other part is recovery. This is where our recovery services and sports massage come in. Some of the benefits of massage are:

  • Reduces Muscle Tension
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Reduces Muscle Hypertonicity
  • Increases Range Of Motion
  • Improves Soft Tissue Function

In short, massage will enhance your recovery, make you feel better so you can stay on top of your game in everything that you do.

Since we know that you don’t always have time for a full massage or maybe you just need a quick break and some help relaxing, we also offer Normatec compression boots and sleeves. These boots and sleeves help push metabolic waste that builds up in your muscles as a result of you muscles preforming work. A Normatec compression session will help flush your legs and will also help you relax.

Sports Massage

60 Min Massage - $85
90 min Massage - $125

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Normatec Compression Massage

$15 for 15min

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