powerfix running program contains two images: 1) a local road race; 2) runner participating in an indoor running class.

Powerfix Running Program: Structured Training That Focuses On you.

Our running program is designed with you in mind. Whether you are a new or experienced runner and regardless of your running goals or distance focus: 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Ultra-Marathon or Triathlon we have the tools you need to prepare for your next event or race.

  • Indoor Running Classes help maintain consistent and structured training, especially during the cold winter season.
  • Massage and Recovery services to help you recover faster and stay injury free.
  • Individual Coaching Sessions give you the opportunity to sit down or meet with a professional coach to work on specific skills, plan out your goals, or help you analyze your season.
  • Premier coaching with a personalized training plan puts you, your training and your specific goals first. We design your training around your life schedule and work with you to meet your goals.

Powerfix Indoor Running Classes

Our classes are designed with you in mind. You participate in each class based off of your personal fitness threshold, whatever that level may be.

Our Classes are more than just another group training session:

  • Classes are lead by professional coaches.
  • We target specific training zones. This means that that the purpose of class is not to just make you sweat in a room, but to rather target the energy systems you will need to develop to achieve your goals.
  • Small class sizes so you get personalized attention and our coaches are available to answer all of your questions and make adjustments to the workout to fit your needs.
  • Urban settings and busy life schedules make it hard to find time for focused training. Our studio is a safe and supportive space where you can focus on your training and not worry about traffic, or daylight constraints.

Powerfix classes are a smart training tool that will enhance your fitness and help you achieve your goals.

Coaching Services

Our professional coaches run our powerfix running classes and are there to help you fine tune your training and prepare you for your races/events and help you go after your goals.

Our coaches offer individual one on one sessions to work on goal setting, event planning, post season analysis and more. We also offer premium coaching services where our coaches will sit down with you and design a personalized training plan that will add structure, direction and event preparation to your training as well as the added benefit of having a coach that will focus on your daily workouts. We are here to help you achieve your goals whatever those goals may be.

Sports Massage and Recovery

We offer massage therapy services to help you recover better and remain injury free. Sports Massage is a key building block of training and will help you restore your body after hard efforts and will also help you treat your body and prevent overuse injuries. We also have Normatec boots and arm sleeves for quick 15 minute compression massages. All the little extras help – your recovery is just as important as your training.

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