Cyclocross Skills

We love Cyclocross. Cyclocross is a great cycling sport where people ride their bikes on a closed off-road course. A cross course will go though mud, sand, up and over steep hills, and contain barriers where a racer will need to dismount and mount their bike while they are moving. It is a lot of fun, and it requires some special skills. Participants in our Cyclocross Skills class will learn the following:
– CX Dismounts and mounts
– Starts
– Cornering
– Bike Setup and Gearing
– Handling Skills for Sand, mud, and off camber hills

Our cyclocross clinics are held every Monday evening in August at 6:00pm and are $15/person.

Road Skills

Learn how to handle your bike like a pro. Our road skills and drills class focuses on essential handling skills that will help you drive you bike through a variety of different scenarious and learn to better navigate tight turns and busy streets. These classes will also help you learn how to better handle your bike in group riding situations. These classes are great for anyone who rides a bike and will especially help those who enjoy group rides.

Class details:

– Classes are $10/person.
– Classes are held every Saturday morning at 10am May-August.
– Skills class meets at The Fix Studio.
– Road bikes, Cyclocross Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Fatbikes, and Hybrid bikes are all appropriate for our skills class.
– Bring your bike, helmet, appropriate footwear and a waterbottle.

Off-Road Skills

We have had a lot of requests for a women’s off road skills class so we drew up some plans, built some practice obstacles and we are now ready to go with our all new Women’s Off Road Skills Class. This class will help develop the skills you need to tackle that crazy rock garden on your favorite single track course, or lay the foundation of skills you will need for this fall’s cyclocross season, or give you the confidence to boldly take your bike off road and explore wherever you want to go. All bikes are welcome so come and join us on your mountain bike, cyclocross bike or fatbike and work on your bike skills!

Specific Details:
– These classes are focused on women’s cycling.
– Each skills class is $15/person
– You will need to bring: your bike (cyclocross, mountain, fatbike, hybrid bikes are all welcome), helmet, and waterbottle.