Fix Studio Bike Skill Clinics and Bike Camps

Bike skills are essential for all riders.

We want to do more than to just provide training. Our goal is to help you ride your bike better, the only way to do this is to practice essential handling skills. Riders of all levels need to practice skills. Skills will help you ride safer, more confidently and faster. We have clinics that focus on on road, off road, and cyclocross skills.

Road Skills Clinic

Practice fundamental handling skills such as navigating turns, riding in a straight line, looking over your shoulder and riding with one hand or no hands.

Off-Road Skills Clinic

Practice fundamental skills geared towards off road riding. If you are looking to fine tune your MTB handling then this is the clinic for you. Mountain Bikes or Cyclocross Bikes are best for this clinic.

Cyclocross Skills clinic

This clinic focuses on the specifics of cyclocross. We break down the essentials of dismounting/mounting, navigating tight corners, off camber terrain, sand pits, and much more.

Urban Camp

Spring Camp