Banner image of a group of friends attending an indoor Powerfix Class

Welcome to The Fix Studio! Here are some guidelines to ensure an optimal class experience and that you get the most out of your workout. Let us know if you have any questions.

What To Bring:
 Your bike
 Cycling clothing
 Cycling shoes
 A water bottle (2 would be ideal)
Come to class with a clean, dry, and functioning bike
 Take care of any mechanical issues prior to class
 Dirt, water and debris can damage our equipment; please don’t ride to class if roads are wet
 If you are utilizing a power meter, make sure the batteries are functioning
Remove bike accessories
 Please remove saddle water bottle cages (frame bottle cages are fine), saddle bags, etc
A steel trainer skewer is required
 Fits into trainer stands
 Please keep it on your bike for the entire session to avoid a skewer charge each class
Start class on time
 Please arrive early. If this will be your first class, we suggest arriving about 15-20 minutes prior to class to allow you enough time to fill out forms and get yourself acquainted with the studio
A trainer tire for the rear wheel is highly recommended
 It will last much longer and give you a smoother ride on the trainer
 Save wear and tear on your road tires
Bike Storage & Valet Service
 If you store your bike here, we’ll have it set up with a towel, ready to go for class
 $20/month valet and storage fee
 High-end carbon wheels are not recommended for class or storage. We are not responsible for any broken or lost parts
Towels are provided
 Place them in the towel hamper after class
 Please don’t use them to clean your bike – we have rags available
A detailed training report is emailed to every rider immediately after the workout
 If you do not receive your report, email
Missing class
 12 hour notice (via email is preferable)
 We try to accommodate missed classes, but cannot guarantee class availability. It is your responsibility to schedule the make-up class within the same session
 No reimbursement on missed classes