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Completing an event like the MS 150, Fulton Grand Fondo, or the Twin Cities Marathon takes commitment, dedication, and the execution of smart training and planning. These same characteristics are essential for each member of a corporate team to embody and are necessary for success both inside and outside of the corporate office. We want to leverage these characteristics in athletic training and work with you and your team to achieve an athletic goal and build upon the interpersonal and leadership skills necessary for excellence.

Every athlete needs a team of support to help them excel in their chosen sports. We will provide structured training, professional level coaching, recovery services and bike mechanical expertise to help your team achieve their goal and allow your employees to focus on the goal at hand. Training for an event as a team will enhance employee involvement, promote wellness, and develop good leadership and team building skills.

Let us work with you to leverage smart training to enhance your team’s work performance both in and outside of the office. Please click the link and fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you and your team.

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